TEXECOM KIT-0086 Premier Elite 64-W Ricochet 64 Zone Wireless Alarm Kit with Wired Keypad

Intruder Alarm

The Texecom Premier Elite 64-W Ricochet panel sits at the heart of this Ricochet wireless burglar alarm kit. Offering up to 64 Ricochet enabled wireless zones in wireless, self-contained and hybrid panel formats. Compatible with the latest Premier Elite mobile apps and Premier Elite ComWiFi connectivity, each Premier Elite Wireless Kit provides scalability and design flexibility. This product is simply a wired-keypad version of the KIT-0001.

Kit includes

  • 1 x Texecom Premier Elite 64-W Ricochet Panel
  • 5 x Proxy Key Tags
  • 1 x Premier Elite LCDLP Wired Keypad
  • 3 x Premier Compact PW-W Ricochet Wireless Pet Wise PIR Detectors
  • 1 x Premier Elite Micro Contact-W Ricochet Wireless Magnetic Door / Window Contact