Fog Security

Fog machine from PROTECT™

This is the only security system that can protect you and your valuables - with or without an alarm system.

A PROTECT™ security fog system secures your premises within seconds! Our business is to give you the best security fog system on the market.

Here are 10 reasons, why you should choose PROTECT™ security fog.
1. Immediate protection

A PROTECT Fog Cannon® fog machine fills a room with dense security fog, preventing the intruder from seeing anything. Security fog stops burglars and robbers in seconds!

2. Effective

A PROTECT™ security fog system is the most effective method of preventing burglaries, robberies and vandalism.

3. Harmless

PROTECT™ security fog leaves no residue, and is completely harmless to humans and animals. It will not affect clothing, furnishings or electrical equipment.

4. Good investment

A PROTECT™ security fog system is a cost-efficient investment with a rapid return. Operating costs are low and a 5 year warranty is offered on most products.

5. Market leader

With more than 100,000 Fog Cannon™ fog machines installed, PROTECT™ is the best-selling product and world market leader in the industry.

6. Positive user experiences

PROTECT™ have many satisfied customers – from domestic home owners to multinational companies.

7. Keep intruders out

A PROTECT™ security fog system will keep intruders out for up to one hour – enough time for police or security personnel to arrive.

8. Peace of mind

A PROTECT™ security fog system offers peace of mind after closing time. In the event of a crime, your business is quickly back operating.

9. Wide product range

From small rooms to large warehouses. We cover them all, and have internationally certified approvals to document it.

10. Flexible system

PROTECT Fog Cannon® fog machines are elegantly designed, and most models can be installed covertly behind a wall or above a ceiling.