Frequently Asked Questions

Will my business premises be affected if I have an intruder alarm installed?

Having an intruder alarm installed in your business premises may reduce your insurance premium as the alarm helps to reduce the risk of your property being broken into. However, there is no guarantee that having an intruder alarm installed will have any effect on your premium as it will vary depending on the provider. Talk to your insurance provider as to any savings and what system they would recommend.

How do I arm/disarm my business intruder alarm?

There are four ways to arm and disarm your intruder alarm. You can do this via your control panel, just key in your alarm code into the panel to arm the alarm and do the same again to disarm. You can also use your remote key fob by pressing the button corresponding to the action you want to take or if you have a proximity tag, you can arm/disarm your alarm by presenting the tag to the reader.

What is a PIR?

A PIR is a passive infrared sensor, sometimes known as a motion sensor which detects objects that emit heat such as people and animals. This device is usually installed at ceiling height in the corner of a room to maximise the detection field.

What is a key fob?

A key fob is a wireless remote device that can be carried around with you to arm and disarm your intruder alarm. It works like a remote control with buttons to push for the setting you require. When your key fob displays a red LED the system has been armed, if the LED is green the system has been disarmed. If the LED display is amber this could mean there is a fault with the system. The buttons on your key fob can also be locked to stop any accidental button pushing, to do this push any two buttons that are diagonal to each other and wait for the red light to flash indicating the fob is locked.

How do I add a new key fob?

If you would like to add any additional key fobs please contact our Service & Maintenance line on 075 4036 7925. Please be advised that these will be at an additional cost.

How do I change my key holder details?

If you would to change any of your key holder details please send an email to with all the new details of your key holder including your contract details and we will get this updated for you.

What if there is a problem with my business intruder alarm?

If you have any problems with your alarm please contact our Service & Maintenance line on 07540367925 or 07845817777 where a colleague will be able to assist you 24/7.

Who will respond to my alarm if it is activated?

Should your alarm activate, our operators in our Alarm Receiving Centre will contact you or your nominated key holders to inform you. The alarm system must be a confirmed alarm and have a Police URN meaning two devices have to activate before being passed to the Police to attend.

How do I prevent my intruder alarm going off when it shouldn’t?

Checking to make sure the batteries have enough life in them (if wireless system) – if a component in your systems battery dies it can create a gap in the system circuit which may then trigger a false alarm. Ensure you check your sensors regularly and look for signs of wear and tear that may also trigger a false alarm.

Do I need a separate phone line for monitoring?

No, we offer a GSM signalling device which negates the need for a separate telephone line or for a higher level of security we offer a DualCom GPRS signalling device which uses both the GSM network and an existing telephone line.

What happens if there’s a power cut?

The system has a battery backup which usually will last up to 8-12 hours depending on the battery charge.

How long will the battery last and how do I change it?

Batteries will usually last around two years depending on activations and are regularly changed on the annual engineer’s maintenance visit/s.